Computing Science Course Outlines

Course Outlines for:

Subject Number Section Title Campus Instructor(s) Outline
CMPT 120 D100 Intro.Cmpt.Sci/Programming I Burnaby Anne Lavergne
CMPT 125 D100 Intro.Cmpt.Sci/Programming II Burnaby TBA
CMPT 127 D100 Computing Laboratory Burnaby Anne Lavergne
CMPT 127 D200 Computing Laboratory Burnaby Anne Lavergne
CMPT 127 D300 Computing Laboratory Burnaby Anne Lavergne
CMPT 165 D100 Intro Internet World Wide Web Burnaby Diana Cukierman
CMPT 225 D100 Data Structures/Programming Burnaby Tom Shermer
CMPT 276 D100 Intro Software Engineering Burnaby Steve Pearce
CMPT 276 E100 Intro Software Engineering Burnaby Angelica Lim
CMPT 300 D100 Operating Systems I Burnaby Arrvindh Shriraman
CMPT 307 D100 Data Structures Burnaby Valentine Kabanets
CMPT 308 D100 Computability and Complexity Burnaby Valentine Kabanets
CMPT 310 D100 Artificial Intelligence Survey Burnaby Toby Donaldson
CMPT 320 E100 Social Implications Burnaby Diana Cukierman
CMPT 353 D100 Computational Data Science Burnaby Gregory Baker
CMPT 354 D100 Database Systems I Burnaby TBA
CMPT 361 D100 Intro to Computer Graphics Burnaby KangKang Yin
CMPT 363 E100 User Interface Design Burnaby TBA
CMPT 371 E100 Data Communications/Networking Burnaby TBA
CMPT 376W D100 Tech.Writing and Group Dynamic Burnaby TBA
CMPT 379 D100 Principles of Compiler Design Burnaby Anoop Sarkar
CMPT 383 D100 Programming Langs. Burnaby Toby Donaldson
CMPT 454 D100 Database Systems II Burnaby Tianzheng Wang
CMPT 470 D100 Web-based Information Systems Burnaby Gregory Baker
CMPT 471 D100 Networking II Burnaby Janice Regan
CMPT 475 E100 Requirements Engineering Burnaby TBA
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