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2022 Fall (1227)

Data Structures/Programming

David Mitchell   

Burnaby Mountain Campus

Calendar Objective/Description

Data Structures/Programming

Instructor's Objectives

We will explore methods of data and program organization that can help in developing elegant and efficient programmings. Primary topics are abstract data types (ADTs) to help manage the complexity of programs, and data structures to support efficient algorithms. We will study the specification, analysis, implementation (in C++), experimental evaluation, and application of fundamental ADTs and data structures. We will also study fundamental searching and sorting algorithms.




  • Abstract data types (abstraction, encapsulation, information hiding).
  • Data structures: arrays, lists, stacks, queues, trees, heaps, sets, search trees, hash tables.
  • Algorithms: searching and sorting; correctness and efficiency.
  • Programming: object-oriented programming for ADT re-use; efficient implementation.


Grading will be based on assignments, term tests, and a final exam. Details will be provided in the first week of classes. Students must attain an overall passing grade on the programming portions of assignments in order to obtain a clear pass (C- or better).

Students must attain an overall passing grade on the weighted average of exams in the course in order to obtain a clear pass (C- or better).

Required Books

  • Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis in C++, 4th Edition, Mark A. Weiss, Pearson, 2014, 9780132847377, Also available in various forms online. The EPub (ISBN 9780133859638) and Kindle versions are cheaper than the hard cover.

Academic Honesty Statement

Academic honesty plays a key role in our efforts to maintain a high standard of academic excellence and integrity. Students are advised that ALL acts of intellectual dishonesty will be handled in accordance with the SFU Academic Honesty and Student Conduct Policies ( ).

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